Mar 222016
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Charity through Cultural Experiences

The students in Year 12 and Year 13 were very busy with Mr Fuad in addition to the Arabic staff and students from Year 10 preparing for this special event. The planning took place over a number of weeks and I thank Mohammed Bin Sanad, Sarah Al Matrook, Fatima Buhazza, Dana Tartir and Nayla Al Khalifa. A special thank you goes to Zainab Al Aali and Safeya as both of them were very passionate about Bahraini culture. The aim of this year was also to raise money for the Society of Tree of Life for orphans and education of children in Bahrain. The students presented their plan to members of the SMT. The Week is the culmination of our study of the culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain during our Citizenship classes. It is also a celebration of the rich cultural diversity and experiences in our school community. Basically, we changed one of our Examination Halls into a little Bahraini Museum showing displays of GCC states culture and achievements, in addition to Gulf doors in the last 300 hundred years. The Hall was so rich as our students enjoyed the Arabic displays and Majlis as well as displays about all GCC states.


The work matched beautifully with the palm tree leaves that were fixed in the ceiling. The Week started with a series of assemblies to all Year groups. The themes of the assemblies were Arabic names, European travellers in the Gulf like Wilfred Thesiger and Lawrence of Arabia. The peak of the week was an excellent dance performed by a group of Year 10 students. I congratulate these girls for performing to Year 8 and Year 9 students. I am very proud of them and wish them all success in future. Thursday 3 March was the culmination of the week where two shawarma stands were ready from early morning as well as falcons and horses. The Police Band was superb during break, followed by the Bu Abdullah band for Liwa and Fishermen’s dance. On this occasion, I thank all the parents who supported us with their generous donations to make this event memorable for our students. I also thank the SMT and Mr Wilson for their constant support for the Arabic department.