Mar 222016
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Building Bridges with Bahrain Bay


Year 5 have been studying the way Bahrain is being developed, and comparing it with other countries around the world. To help bring this important topic alive, we embarked on a geography field study trip to gather evidence and information. This year, we were extremely fortunate to be invited to Bahrain Bay – one of the key areas of development on the island.

Our first port of call was the impressive Arcapita building, where we were treated to a first class presentation on the way this piece of land was first reclaimed from the sea, and then built upon. “It was amazing walking inside the Arcapita building!” (Sofia, 5E)

The people who spoke to us were clearly enthusiastic and well prepared, and we were able to see how the whole area has changed over time. We saw extremely detailed plans showing an enormous amount of information that even showed how people will be able to travel from the mainland to new shopping malls using water taxis! We found this really exciting and, as if this wasn’t enough, they then fed us!


The presentation finished with a question and answer session which was of benefit to all: we learnt a terrific amount that will help us complete our geography projects, and Bahrain Bay complimented St Chris students on their mature, intelligent questions.

It was then time to take a short tour outside where we were able to view the twirly Windham Tower and Four Seasons Hotel. Using our iPads we were able to record some of our experiences and we now feel more qualified to share our important opinions on the way Bahrain is being developed and what we would like to see happen in the future.

Our final stop was at Khalifa Park which provides a superb vista of the Bahrain skyline. Oh, and we had play time, too.

Our work on Bahrain will shortly be viewable digitally as well as through our developing model skyline in the Year 5 Area. “A fun learning experience for all of us.” (Rakan, 5E)