Mar 222016
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Helping Workers towards Safety

As you may already be aware, a new cycling safety law was passed in Bahrain several months ago which required anyone who was using a bicycle to also wear a helmet. This was a great step towards a safer community and we are very pleased that such steps have been taken. Unfortunately, for the majority of Migrant workers around the island this meant that they had a new expense, which as we know for many, is something they cannot afford.

After being approached by one of our parents with the idea of carrying out some fundraising towards this, we were more than happy to get on board. Coinciding with Random Acts of Kindness Week, the school agreed to donate BD5 (the average cost of a helmet) for every member of staff who rode their bike to school that week on any given day.

It was a really super initiative and wonderful to see so many members of their staff (with their children) cycling to school. On Monday, as it was Pyjama Day, the teachers even wore their pyjamas as they made their way to school!

A fantastic effort meant that we were able to raise a total of BD160 which will be donated to the Migrant Workers Protection Society here in Bahrain who are helping distribute helmets and safety jackets to many workers around the island. A huge thank you to all those that cycled to school, you have made a big difference to many people, who without a helmet, would have their bikes taken away and required to pay a large fine to have them returned. So if you do see someone on the roads without a helmet, urge them to be safe, and better yet, donate a helmet to them!