Mar 222016
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23 February 2016 – Pupils with lots to be proud of!

Our proud assembly for this term began with the song “Light My Torch” which is the song this year the children have been learning for Voices Around the World.

Feel Proud Assembly Feb 2016

Miss Lambert then handed football awards in the form of t-shirts from the Dubai Football held on 29 and 30 January.  They were awarded to:  Nadine 5B, Talia 5D, Sam 6F, Jacob 5E and Mohammed 6C.

Our first presentation was a truly unusual hobby, but one the children loved hearing about when Aston (3D) told us and showed us video clips of his dirt biking adventures in the desert.

This was followed by both Meher of 3C and Maya of 4D who described their passion for singing and both girls sang beautifully.

Zahra (4D), Sean and Bassam (6D) told us of their services to the community through distributing lunches to migrant workers at the weekend.

Olivia, Isabel and Verity (5A) – were real ambassadors for the Brownies with a very informative presentation which I am sure had lots of the girls in the audience wanting to join.

Mohammed (5F) gave us an excellent performance on the piano and shared his recent success at the YMOG competition when he got as far as the semi-final which for a primary pupil is rare indeed.

A variety of artistic contributions came from Tabitha, Sophia, Lauren, Alishaa and Lulwa (4A), Jude (4F), Sara (6C), Yameen (6E), Ferne (6E), Areeba, Ayzah and Aanvi (6F). 

Grace (4A) showed us her clever upcycling classroom storage project designed to help Mr Dawson in his classroom.

Finally, Ethan (6C) amazed us all with his technology prowess when he shared his ‘horror’ movie with us.