Mar 222016
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F1 Fever

At the start of March, as the green light flashed to indicate the start of our topic on Formula 1, the children from Year 2 zoomed to the ‘Home of Motorsport in the Middle East’, the Bahrain International Circuit.


They were met by Mohammed, BIC National PR Assistant, who immediately whisked them off to the top of the VIP tower. Despite the very strong winds threatening to blow us over, the children got an impressive view of the whole of the world class circuit and were lucky enough to stand right above the treacherous Turn 1! Here they were told about the history of F1 and the Bahrain circuit and asked some amazing questions, but luckily Mohammed was on hand with an answer for every one of them.


The children also had the chance to see the inside of a room that nobody ever sees – the race control centre! They were amazed by the technology on show and how everything on the track, from traffic signals to floodlighting and CCTV cameras could be controlled from one console. Some of the children even got to press some of the very large red buttons, like missile launch controls which set off warning lights, as if there had been an accident on the track!

The highlight of the trip is always standing on the starting grid and racing along the first part of the track. As usual one or two children had to be called back before they reached Turn 1!