Mar 222016
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A Collaboration of Schools Around the World


Students and staff in the Music Departments across both the Junior and Senior Schools have been busy learning and recording this year’s song for the Voices Around The World 2016 project. This is the second year that St Christopher’s School has taken part in the International singing initiative. Voices Around The World is a music project that involves singers in schools from all around the world learning one song, recording it and being part of a final mix that features all voices. This year, students from Years 4-13 worked hard to learn ‘Lighting Up The Flame’ by the project leader, Mr Laurie Lewin. Once again, we were lucky enough to have Mr Lewin in school to record and work with the students. He spent one day in the Senior school and one day in the Junior school.


The students really enjoyed the recording process and many of them commented that they like this year’s song even more than last year’s ‘Listen To Us’ song. They also spoke about the power of the lyrics in ‘Lighting Up The Flame’ and its link to the upcoming Olympics in Rio. Many of the students particularly enjoyed the lyrics that encourage people to be the change that they wish to see in the world. Other schools from around the world will also be submitting recordings over the next few months and Mr Lewin will begin merging the tracks into a single mix. The project includes singers from countries far and wide such as Australia, Argentina, the Caribbean, Canada, Nigeria, Botswana, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Syria, Poland, Iceland, the UK, the US and many more! The single will be released online to raise money for Njombe School in Tanzania, as well as United World Schools in Cambodia. Watch this space…