May 252016
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Beautiful Performances

A language cannot limit an emotion and that there is no specific language to say something that comes from the heart.  The French assembly which was held on Wednesday 27 November 2016 confirmed that.The event celebrated the French language and culture which took place in the Junior Hall was magic, rich and incredible. Feedback from the parents used words, such as“ magic” “incredible” ” rich”  “ professional performances”  and that some were on tears when they heard  the songs “ Je suis malade” and “ Mon amie la rose”.


During one hour, Junior School students enjoyed a cultural trip to France through beautiful French songs and acting. The audience has been transported by all the incredible singers who sang very famous French songs: Mon amie la rose, Une dernière danse, Je suis malade, Le passé,Madame la marquise,  Maman, On écrit sur les murs, Je te donne. 

They also laughed a lot watching the French news report and the soap opera “ Plus belle la vie” where many students showed their French sense of humour.


The Programme was as follows:

  • Plus belle la vie an introduction to the assembly in a short movie with Abdullah Al Khalifa, Amin Da Cruz, Lawrence Garland, Asma Le Falher
  • Une dernière danse (A last dance)  interpreted by Nia Zasheva (an original song of Indila, a big hit !) with the dancers Sarah Bazian, Adam Harcourt, Charlotte Harper, Rakan Shunnar
  • Mon amie la rose  (My friend the rose) interpreted by Asma Le Falher  (original song of Françoise Hardy, a very famous French singer)
  •  Je suis malade (I am sick) interpreted by Fatima Abbady and Celia Cote with Mrs Katarina Kazi on piano (The most famous song of Serge Lama, famous French singer and songwriter)
  • Le 12h45 de M6 (a video montage of students introducing the news in French) with Clementine Luckhurst, Ryan Karaan, Adam Saeed, Annalise Beck, Eileen Boels, Talia Mitchell, Katelin Reed, Jude Eissa, , Adam Kadia, Jean Coetsee, Hassan Qamber, Mafalda Lorijin
  • Madame la marquise interpreted by Aseel Al Jabal, Fatima Abbady, Celia Cote, Amelie Winwood  (old song in a video montage)
  • Maman (Mum) interpreted by Asma Le Falher (original song of Louane)
  • Je te donne ( I give you) interpreted  by Aseel Al Jabal, Abby Marshall, Sarah Bazian, Sofia Salaria, Danya Kanoo, Annalise Beck, Jenny Dodson (a song of Jean-Jacques Goldman, a Grammy award-winning French singer and songwriter)
  • Le passé (The past) interpreted by Dhawya Al Khalifa (original song of Tal)
  • On écrit sur les murs (We write on the walls) interpreted by Zainab Al Setri, Faye O’Rourke, Sofia Chiaverni, Dhawya Al Khalifa with many Year 5 kids for the chorus (an original song of Demis Roussos)