May 252016
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Aztec Daze!

Aztec Day: peaceful, relaxed, humane – not words usually associated with this ancient civilisation. This year, Aztec Day was used as an entry point to our new topic and the day was so enjoyable that it passed in something of a blur! Everyone had been looking forward to learning about the fascinating and, in some ways, gruesome history of this group of South American nomads.

Having studied and discussed a number of examples, the children were given the task of creating their own Aztec mask or shield. Walking round the Year 5 area it was wonderful to see children making the most of this opportunity to express themselves creatively. There is now some extremely interesting work on display. Another highlight was the chance to taste some ‘authentic’ Aztec food. This mildly-spiced sustenance, like most foodstuffs presented to Year 5 children, disappeared remarkably quickly. Rather like the Aztec civilisation itself, then.


Following on from this exciting day of introduction, the children are working in groups to plan and prepare a lesson about an aspect of Aztec life. They will then teach their lesson to the class. What an exciting way to motivate and challenge children and enable them to apply their learning! So, we have many reasons to be thankful to the Aztecs. That and, of course, chocolate. A wonderful Aztec Day to remember!