May 252016
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Collecting and Analysis Data … what a BIG job

The class of Year 12 IB Geography headed to Manama to investigate and collect data for our Internal Assessment. Prior to the trip, we as a class created a hypothesis as to whether we think Bab Al Bahrain follows the core and frame concept for the CBD. We decided and planned different ways of collecting data to prove our main hypothesis. We came up with various methods of data collection such as the EQS/IQS, building height survey, traffic and pedestrian counts, questionnaires etc. To make collecting data much easier and efficient, we split up the work in between pairs and each pair was designated an area.

Our first stop was Bab Al Bahrain. We arrived around 9.00am and started our data collecting. The weather was not that hot and it was pleasant to walk around during that time. We went our separate ways and headed to our locations. Collecting data was not as difficult as we first imagined. We were able to gather sufficient information to enable us to complete our IA over the next few months. Towards the end of the trip, the class met up to do the Manama transect together.


Our last stop was the Bahrain Financial Harbour. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by one of the staff who was kind enough to give us a tour of the building and explain the different areas. She brought us to Bahrain Bourse where all the selling and buying of the stocks took place. We also met with several executives who explained their jobs in addition to informing us about professions that are needed in today’s economy such as the construction and maintenance sectors.


Overall, the trip was informative, enjoyable and the class was able to have a great time as well as collect information for the IA. We would like to thank Mr Hobday for organising the trip and ensuring that we had a successful and safe time. ~ Justine Abcede 12A