May 252016
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Music with Military Precision 


On Thursday 28 April, 10 musicians from the Royal Marines, based in Devon, paid a visit to St Christopher’s school in Saar. They were made up of a Brass Quintet and a Drum and Bugle corps. They gave three assemblies to the Juniors, the Infants and a third to all of the instrumental pupils. The Brass Quintet started the concerts with a Philip Sousa March and continued with popular tunes, including ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. The Drum Corp entered the back of the hall parading and playing the drums before stopping and performing on bugles. One of the Marines then invited a pupil and teacher to drum – battle on stage, copying the drummers to see who could be best. Our young students always received the most applause, though the teachers and pupils should be congratulated on their drumming techniques and nerve!


After this amazing exhibition from the musicians, the Royal Marines helped with some year 3, 4 and 6 classes, teaching them drumming and rhythms, whilst the Brass Quintet played more music for everyone to march to. There were many happy faces in these classes as everyone got to participate and have fun and the Marines were so friendly.


This was a wonderful morning of music and collaboration with the Royal Marines. Everyone who witnessed their skills and warmth will surely remember their visit for some time to come.