Apr 252018
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A Friendly Game

Twenty-three players from the Football Squad and Football Development were selected to play in this friendly fixture against the British School on Thursday 15 March. The majority of these players were making their first appearance for St Chris at a representative level. It was a bit of a steep learning curve but provided a good indication of what our players need to do to improve their chances of selection in future, more competitive fixtures. Each of the 90+ players in both Football Squad and Development have now represented the school at least once this season. Thanks go to Mr Holness, Mr Maye and Mr Dales for coaching and refereeing, and also to Mr Gosling for his trademark impartial officiating.

Town: Kailen Smith, Sean O’Rourke, Aiden Hall, Alexander Atabani, Striling Fraser, William Brown, Ronan Farrell.

Albion: Joseph Bromyard, William Murphy, Adam Kadia, Seif Amin, Ayan Chowdhury, Elias Faraj, Yousif Ayoob, Jeremy Atkinson.

Palace: Azzam Khan, Noah Ghuloom, Oisin Lawlor, Mateen Malik, Ali Syed, Matthew Barnes, Zayn Siddiqi, Liam Hardiman.