Apr 252018
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Go Raptors!

St Chris took their customary two teams to the Primary Sports League Boys Basketball Tournament held at Riffa Views International School on Wednesday 21 March. The players were chosen with a view to the future as the majority were Year 5s experiencing their first taste of competitive basketball. The Grizzlies got off to a good start in their group, winning their first two games with Faisal, Fuad and Jacob all scoring. The Raptors found it a bit more difficult but gradually found their feet to record their first point and first basket through Josh, with Noah adding another in their final game. Unfortunately, the effort that both teams put in wasn’t quite echoed in their results and neither team made the semi-finals. Valuable experience was gained however and future tournaments look very promising. Thank you to Mr Holness, Mr Armstrong and Mr Dales who have been involved in the coaching throughout the year.

Grizzlies: Faisal Al Jassim, Aiden Kadissi, Fuad Kanoo, Robin Verdeyen, Jacob Royle, Ali Al Khaja.

Raptors: Rashid Al Khalifa, Josh Catchpole, Noah Dales, Will Fisher, Faris Saleh, Yazan Al-Mahoozi.