Apr 252018
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Our Swim Squad ‘The Sharks’ are pleased to welcome the following swimmers who will be joining our training programme in Term 3. The new members completed swim trials which included an extended warm-up distance, stroke technique in front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke, and for those who wanted to give butterfly a go, completed a 25m demonstration.

New Junior Squads
Dolphin Squad Junior B Squad Junior B+ Squad Junior A Squad
Sami Ladki 5D

Abdulla Dashti 4C

Sarah Chishty 6E

Meldine Jawad 4F

Matilda Cocker 3F

Iestyn Holloway 5F Annayah Armughan 5B Zoe Markley 6C
New Senior Squads
Senior C Senior B
Earsil D Cruz 7F

Amy Irani 7H

Jewan Mahdi 8F

Fatima Abbady 8F


We would also like to congratulate the following Year 2 swimmers who were assessed during their curriculum swimming lessons, and have been offered a place in our Baby Sharks Squad from Term 3.

2A 2D
Ella Leamy Sophia Kemp
Haya Abu Jaber Noah Rushton
Sophia Al Saffar Azaan Armughan
Hessa AlJood Al Khalifa


2B 2E
Tara Lynn Oliver Subbiani
Alexander Wrankmore
Rena Mareschova
Juliette Downer
Dahlia Naser


2C 2F
Findlay Blyth Faith Lilly Hubail
Elliot Sum