Apr 252018
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Well Done!

Our Proud assembly for Term Two began on a very dramatic note with Lawrence, John, Sam and Nia (6C) immediately grabbing our attention and getting us clapping to the beat of their band! They were closely followed by Euan, Robbie and Charlotte (6D), who impressed us with their video making skills and made us feel extremely jealous of anyone who had been lucky enough to travel to Switzerland on the Y5/6 ski trip.

Annaya, Nuriye, Beliz and Hana (5B) shared their own individual artwork, described their feelings about art in addition to sharing a picture of a stunning sunset with deer silhouette on the mountain side, that they had collaborated on together.  From 5E, Layla told us exactly why she was proud of her cooking and explained that her interest began back when she was six. She loves making breakfast for her family at weekends and shared her ambition to one day participate in a cookery competition. If her banana cake is anything to go by, Layla would definitely be predicted to win!

Still on a cookery theme, Maryam (4C) brought out staff from the audience to sample her own homemade chocolate cookies and taste ones that looked similar, but were shop-bought. In a blind tasting test, there was simply no comparison, Maryam’s were velvety and melted in the mouth! Keep on baking Maryam. Quinn and Mohammed (4D) told us to keep calm and love rap and using cleverly crafted words, they rapped out the familiar story of “The boy who cried wolf”

We all joined in a musical break and sang Bravo together as a round before hearing from Isabella (3C) and how proud she is (with very good reason) of her athletic prowess and running skills. She also shared with us her determination to one day run in the Olympics. Serene (3D) reminded us that practice makes perfect and through video clips showed us just how many places she uses to practice her gymnastics outside and inside her house and including the garage!  Kalan (5F) and Sana (5C) presented their DT and Art respectively, having produced their own powerpoint presentations. We heard about the wide variety of recipes that Kalan enjoys, how he started out on his cooking journey and just how young Sana was when she started painting. Both of these impressive and confident presentations led us very naturally into the Golden Hammer and Golden Brushes awards and a photographic summary of the term’s projects in Art and DT put together by Mr Wilkins and Mrs Dales.

A super assembly and once again we all left the hall feeling very proud of you all!