Apr 252018
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Staff vs Students

The highlight of the golfing year once again was the annual 17th Staff v Students Golf Match, which took place on the Wee Monty at The Royal Golf Club recently. In a very close match, Mr Hobday & Mr Armstrong beat Charles T’kint & Alex Hopman-Ruh on the last hole whilst Mrs Hobday & Mr Booth also won on the last, beating Akshat Mittal & Leo Sudar. There were other fine wins for Mr Stewart & Mr Pollard, Mr Jones & Mr Ali and Mr Plunkett & Mr Doherty meaning that the staff won 5-3 this time around. The overall score now stands at 10.5 – 6.5 to the students but the staff are making a strong fightback having won the last two contests. In the staff competition, Mr Jones won with a massive 47 points, closely followed by Mr Plunkett on an equally impressive 42 points and Mr Neely & Mr Stewart on 40 points. Well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to next year’s match where hopefully the staff will try and win the trophy again!!