Mar 262013
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Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Over the weekend 14-17 March, St Christopher’s School took part in the 10th annual BSME Games in Dubai. We competed in five different sports: basketball, football, swimming, athletics and netball. The children had been training for over 3 months in preparation for the event and were a credit to the school. We had amazing feedback about how well behaved and what good sportsmen our children were during the games.  In the end, we were crowned BSME Basketball Champions and overall, came fourth out of twelve schools, which we are immensely proud of.

We would like to thank Top Star Stationery, BIBF and Al Dasmar Bakery who all generously sponsored our team.

“I really enjoyed BSME because I love playing for my team” – Callum Matthews

“I really enjoyed BSME because I had the chance to represent St Christopher’s for the last time and that made it really special to me” – Aidan Shretta

“BSME was an extremely great experience and I met new friends” – Bader Jalal

The Team

Majeed Al Noor (6A), Callum Matthews (6C), Mitchell Haseid (6C), Fritz Tautenhahn  (5D), Alex Egan (5E), Callum Dawson (5E), Thomas Watson (6F), Digby Rushton (5A), Danielle Wilkinson (6C), Tuana Fayyad (6C), Charlotte Pilgrim (5F), Raef Tanner (6A), Ahsab Chowdhury (6F), Naeemah Winter (6C), Kate Rogers (6F), Elligh Sissons (6F), Bader Jalal (6B), Stephanie Hall (6E), George Axtell (6E), Lara Rizk (6D), Aidan Shretta (6A), Nicola Payne (6D), Amanda Winton (6B), Danielle Doherty (5D), Rebecca Carpenter (5E), Georgina Lewis (6F), Oliver Bloodworth (6B), Karmena Moriarty (5E) and Elen Griffith (6B).