Mar 262013
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The Times They Are A-Changin

St Christopher’s Infant School witnessed an incredible sight last Thursday, when, by dint of H.G. Wells’ ‘Time Machine’, an assortment of eminent Victorians emerged into the ‘Rainforest’ that is currently home to Reception.

Our travellers in time: Charles Dickens, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Sir Robert Peel, Florence Nightingale, Prince Albert and no less than TWO Queen Victorias, emerged from the foggy, smog laden environs of nineteenth century London into the azure blue daylight that is Bahrain in mid – March. Thankfully, they were met by Year 1 Leader, Lee Churchill and Viv Milne, Year 1 Humanities Leader, who directed the Victorians to the Year 1 Victorian Street.

The time travellers seemed very confused by their surroundings and were amazed at how St Christopher’s School differed from the ones they attended in Victorian times.

The Year 12 AS history class, all in the guise of the aforementioned ‘Victorians’ role-played their way through a fun morning of cross-phase teaching and learning via a humourous and informative series of question and answer sessions.

The Year 1 children soon helped them discover how different things are now and asked questions about their life in Victorian England.