Mar 262013
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A Very Very Very Fine House

The Inter- House Sports competition week kicked off with the Year 3 Benchball challenge. They have been learning a lot in their PE lessons developing their throwing, catching and footwork.

Girls: Boys:
1st place Falcon 1st place Osprey
2nd place Kestrel & Osprey 2nd place Kestrel
3rd place Merlin 3rd place Falcon
4th place Merlin

Year 2 ventured onto the volleyball courts ready to show that they knew when to volley and when to dig their way through some tough matches.

Girls: Boys:
1st place Osprey 1st place Merlin
2nd place Kestrel 2nd place Kestrel
3rd place Falcon 3rd place Falcon
4th place Merlin 4th place Osprey

Year 4 continued the benchball challenge and demonstrated some amazing pivoting and passing.


1st place Osprey 1st place Osprey, Falcon, Kestrel
2nd place Merlin 2nd place Merlin
3rd place Falcon
4th place Kestrel

Year 5 took on the basketball challenge dribbling and proving that they know how to lay up to shoot.

Girls: Boys:
1st place Merlin 1st place Merlin
2nd place Osprey 2nd place Falcon
3rd place Falcon 3rd place Osprey
4th place Kestrel 4th place Kestrel


Year 6 rounded up a busy week with some very popular football matches.

Girls: Boys:
1st place Kestrel 1st place Falcon
2nd place Falcon & Osprey 2nd place Merlin
3rd place Merlin 3rd place Kestrel & Osprey