Mar 262013
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Life through a Geographer’s Lens

“Year 12 IB and AS students were given the opportunity to listen to a presentation by SanDiego State University PhD student, Zia Salim. He discussed his research topic of ‘The Impacts of Revitalization on the Homeless’, but mostly focused on the topic of gentrification. To see and be taught about a real life case study of Skid Row in Los Angeles really gave the students an insight into gentrification in the real world, which was interesting and useful to us as we have been studying this topic recently.

Zia outlined the different developments and revitalisation of buildings in the city and how they affected the people and the city itself. All the students who attended the presentation found it helpful to gain this extra information.  His enthusiasm allowed us to connect with the topic at a higher level, and Zia invited us to share his passion for Geography”.

Zohra Ihsan, Year 12 AS Level Geography student and Sophie North,Year 12 IB Geography student, report.