Mar 262013
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Around the Island in a Day  

No-one was too sure what to expect as a convoy of buses drew up outside school on the morning of Wednesday 13 March.

The whole of Year 5 planned to tour Bahrain throughout the day, exploring the uses of land and facilities for tourism. The itinerary was packed and a great deal of walking was expected. So,with comfortable trainers tightly laced and extra water bottles filled and carried, the children proceeded to visit Prince Khalifa Park, the Grand Mosque, the corniche, the museum and the Dohat Arad Lagoon.

As Kamilah said, “It was an excellent opportunity to explore what Bahrain has to offer.” Michaela added that “It was a great experience.” Weary, blistered and hot (that was the teachers not the children), everyone returned safely to school in time for the bell, laden-down with new ideas about how countries can develop tourism.