Mar 262013
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At Home and Abroad


This year, the Year 5 team decided to ‘adopt’ The Pak Kred Orphanage, Thailand and the school cleaning team as part of our community and service projects for 2012/13. The children thought long and hard about how we could donate or raise funds to purchase much-needed equipment for the orphanage.

It was decided that we would run a second-hand book sale. It was a roaring success and we raised well over BD300. Mr McNaught and Kensie (5C) took the money with them on their Christmas trip to Thailand; where they bought many items for the orphanage and delivered them personally to the centre’s staff.


After the holidays the Year 5 children were set the task of deciding how we could say a huge and heartfelt thank-you to our cleaning staff. The children thought that last year’s project ‘Cleaners Parcels’ was a great idea. However, the children decided that a rucksack would be of more use to the cleaners and that some other luxury items should be included. This gave the children an opportunity to chat with the cleaning staff and get to know them on a more personal level.