Jun 122014
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Crea Butlin, Year 7, reports: We arrived at the school at 8.40 am and were very excited because we actually had a chance to thank the cleaners for all their hard work. We left school on the buses at 9.00am. When the cleaners came onto the bus, they were really happy, polite and cheerful. Our first stop was the Saudi Causeway, where we had the chance to chat and take photos. So many cleaners had not been to the Saudi Causeway so this was a special moment for them. After that, we went to the BIC and they had the chance to look around the circuit. When we arrived there, we saw the smiles on their faces, so we realised that we sometimes take things for granted and we do not appreciate how fortunate we are. We went to Al Areen and made our way to the beach. At the beach, we went paddling in the water and enjoyed taking photos of the bay. We went to buy ice cream and carried to the Tree Of Life. The students and the cleaners were all happy. We made our way to a little restaurant and had a delicious Indian style buffet. We thanked all the cleaners for coming and presented tokens of our appreciation. We are so glad that we could be a part of this event.

Cleaners Big Day Out