Jun 122014
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Year 1 Cantata - Animal Magic2

‘Animal Magic’ – that was the name of the recent Year 1 Cantata. As a description it works very well; all the children were dressed as different animals, sang songs about animals, were raising money for animals and there was definitely a certain magic about the whole event. The children sang with gusto and confidence, delivered their lines with clarity and wore their costumes with pride. Their chosen charity was the BSPCA (Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and it was to that organization that Year 1 children dedicated th

eir concert. Towards the end of the concert a number of animals were in the audience persuading parents to donate some money to their chosen cause. By the end of the Cantata, the money raised for the BSPCA was a whopping BD665.

We are very proud of our little animals and we know the parents are too.

Year 1 Cantata - Animal Magic