Jun 122014
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The Roman feast of Wednesday the 21 May will long be remembered by the children and staff of Year 3.

The Infant Hall was transformed into an enormous triclinium, which was the name given to a Roman dining room.  Julius Caesar, senators, wealthy Roman landowners and fierce legionaries reclined and ate their fill while they were waited upon hand and foot by their poor servants – their own teachers and teaching assistants!

The Year 3 Activity Street had already been transformed by the Roman style shields and the fascinating research completed by the children on the many different aspects of life in Roman Britain. A reconstruction of a Roman dining room (complete with a beautiful mosaic) and a fully-equipped barrack room had also been established at the end of the colourful corridor.

The afternoon also saw the rampaging Romans answering a variety of quiz questions about their foods, clothing, the army, entertainments and their reasons for invading Britannia in the first place.

A delightful time was had by all the children as they experienced another unforgettable and valuable learning experience.

Year 3 Roman Day