Jun 122014
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Year 6 Community Service

Thinking of ways to help others and make a difference within our community has been high up on the list of priorities for the pupils of Year 6. During the Autumn term, pupils came up with some wonderful fund raising ideas for ‘The Ecumenical Conference of Charity’ and managed to raise over 2000 BD!

As well as presenting the charity with a cheque, pupils carried out a shopping trip for useful items to donate.  Pupils worked together to devise shopping lists with careful thought and consideration and items purchased included: roll out mattresses, towels, toiletries, nappies, tinned foods, rice etc.

The Year 6 Community Service Team delivered the items to the charity who were delighted to receive the generous donations. The charity said that we should not underestimate the difference our efforts have made to some of the very difficult lives of others.  The day was a huge success and enjoyed by all involved.  Year 6 Community Service2 Year 6 Community Service3