Jun 122014
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Athena Puri, Year 7 reports: On Friday 24 May, 16 students from Year 7 including myself came to the Senior School to give out rucksacks, that the whole school put together for the less privileged.  We decided to meet at School at 8:15am. As soon as we arrived, the work had started; everyone collaborated and loaded several wagons with filled rucksacks and plastic bags that contained various goodies, such as towels, toothpaste, slippers, food etc. Although this was a serious task, all of us together made it ‘slightly’ more fun! After we had loaded the back of the bus with bags, we all climbed in. After a short drive, we finally reached the first labour camp. Each person was to take four rucksacks and give them to a labourer. As each labourer was handed a rucksack they would elatedly accept it and thank us. It was a great experience as we got to see the lifestyle of a labourer and we also realized how privileged we were to be able to live in such clean and decent houses. We had some leftover rucksacks so we brought them back to the bus. We then went to the next and final labour camp. There, we handed juices, water, Sim cards and plastic bags filled with goods. There were so many labourers, that we ran out of plastic bags! Instead we gave rucksacks to those who had not received a plastic bag. In the end you had a good feeling inside of you. The part that I enjoyed the most was the journey from the second labour camp to the school; we had a few rucksacks left, so we decided we would randomly get off the bus and enter garages, workshops and areas where we saw labourers. One of the stops we made was on a road where builders were. There were few builders on the other side of the fence so we tossed the bags over the fence! with the help of our driver, Raju. I enjoyed this part the most as the labourers were not expecting it so the joy on their faces put smiles on ours. After a tiring day out we set off back to the school. It was an awesome trip!

 Rucksack Appeal