Jun 122014
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Suad El Jawhari, Year 11, reports: Endings are always bittersweet. The ending of our GCSEs is a time in which every student rejoices and, with the last examination, we are freed for a whole summer! The Celebration Lunch was the perfect date for Year 11s as a united force to sit down and enjoy one another, possibly the last time we would get to see the majority of our friends. The day began with a wonderful assembly from the Year 13s, us hesitantly laughing at inside jokes we knew nothing about, but it left us wondering, that could be us in two years. Who would we talk about? What friends will we have made? Through our giggles, we suddenly realised just how mature all of us had become, how near we were to the end of a journey. We had managed to survive together and, with the girls and boys dolled up, we drove to the Royal Golf Club, and split up into our tables. Being honest, looking back, it is not about the food, neither about the music, it was about the feeling of belonging and the melancholy that surrounds every last gathering. After dessert, we mingled and the things that had usually torn us apart, had somehow managed to bring us together. Our teachers surprised us, they used their knowledge about us to try and make us all unique awards. We had everything from people likely to be late to their own wedding to diplomats to successful oil company CEOs to the worst excuse makers. We returned the favour, presenting our Form Tutors with gifts and speeches, as well as thanking Mr Walker, Ms Al Hammoud and our support teachers. In honesty, it was a great time to reflect on our years and experiences at St Christopher’s. The Celebration Lunch had managed to do something almost magical, connecting us together one last time before we begin our next journey.

Year 11 Leavers'  Lunch