Jun 122014
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St Christopher’s were privileged to have been invited as the only School to represent the countries’ rich multicultural history at the “This Is Bahrain” exhibition, which was held in London over the weekend.

Taking place at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster, the event was an opportunity for a variety of local groups, societies and businesses from across the country to join together and celebrate the diverse culture in Bahrain.

Principal Ed Goodwin was joined by Head of the Senior School, Nick Wilson, Head of the Junior School, Wendy Bataineh and Marketing and Sponsorship Officer, Nadia Al-Aali. We were also thrilled to be joined by St Chris Alumni, both from recent years and as far back as the 1960s when the School was first opened.

It was great to see recent Alumni taking time off their busy schedules to come and support the School. St Chris Alumni Student, Mobeen Iqbal, graduated last June from UCL with a BSc degree in mathematics. Currently a graduate at the University of Oxford, pursuing an MSc degree in applied and computational mathematics, Mobeen is also planning to move back to London next year to pursue a PhD in financial mathematics and financial economics at Imperial College whilst also completing another Masters of Research at UCL concurrently.

Mobeen commented on the exhibition stating that “The exhibition was fantastic. It not only brought together a range of aspects of life in Bahrain, but it also demonstrated that Bahrain is not what some Western media outlets have made it out to be recently. It was lovely seeing familiar faces as well – from school teachers to the Rugby Club staff! I would love to see more events in the UK promoting the friendly nature of life in Bahrain. I think it is important for the world to realise that Bahrain is an excellent place to live and entails the perfect mix between the modern world and cultural influence.”

The exhibition also gave St Chris an opportunity to meet ex-St Chris community members, dating back from the very early stages of the School’s history. Mr Vic Whittingham, now in his 90s, saw his daughter attend the School in the 1960s. Ms Sally Anne Morgan was a parent at the School when her son attended 30 years ago. Mr Michael Theobald described first hand, his experience as a teacher at the School from 1976 – 1991, and Mr Brigadier Peter Sincock, Chairman of the Bahrain Society in the UK also described his early experiences with the School.

“This Is Bahrain” exhibition in London