Jun 122014
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Year 1 and Year 2 Swim Galas 2

Year 1 and 2 swam fabulously in their Inter-House swimming galas this year, scoring lots of points for their Houses. They confidently kicked and splashed their way through activities, such as front crawl, backstroke, water polo shoot, basketball shoot, horseback noodle relay, motorbike noodle relay and the underwater slalom to score as many points as they could in the time allocated. They were also given the opportunity to jump and dive, showing off their streamlined body positions! The sound barrier was almost broken at one point with the amount of cheering! Well done teams! The results were:

Year 1 Year 2
Basketball Shoot Falcon Osprey
Motorbike Noodle Merlin Falcon
Frogboard Relay Kestrel Kestrel
Water Polo Shoot Osprey Merlin
Overall winners were:
 1st place  Merlin  Osprey
 2nd place  Falcon  Falcon
 3rd place  Osprey  Kestrel
 4th place  Kestrel  Merlin

Year 1 and Year 2 Swim Galas