Jul 032014
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The 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings was remembered by Year 9 students on Sunday 15 June. Activities in English, Drama, History and Mathematics enabled the students to try and better understand the tactics behind the D-Day landings and to explore the lives of an individual solider killed during the landings. This year, the focus was on a group of soldiers who came from the town of Bedford, Virginia, known as ‘The Bedford Boys’. 19 soldiers lost their lives from this small town. Students wrote letters of thanks and recognition to these soldiers which have been sent directly to the families of these men in the USA. This event builds upon the Year 9 History trip to Belgium and France which took place in April and many of the students have visited the cemetery where many of these ‘Bedford Boys’ are buried. Francesca Rogers wrote “I was amazing by the stories of Raymond and Bedford Hoback, what an honour it would have been to have known them”.