Jul 032014
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Year 6 Visit to the Senior School:


As part of the process of ensuring the Year 6 students make the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 as seamlessly as possible, all pupils in Year 6 at St Chris as well as a number currently in other schools were invited to the Senior School on Sunday 8 June. After a short welcome from Ms Friar, the students spent the rest of the day experiencing the delights and challenges of Senior School lessons ranging from DT to Science and from English to Art, to name but a few. It was also a valuable opportunity for Ms Friar to spend time with Mrs Ingham and the Year 6 team to ensure that we can support all our new students as effectively as possible in September. Everyone enjoyed the day and it was wonderful to see the Year 6 pupils immersing themselves in their work and play activities. We look forward to all our new students starting the new term after the summer vacation.

Year 6 and 7 Transition Evening

In order to ensure the parents of our new students are equally familiar with the transition process and the new challenges to be faced by the pupils in September, we once again hosted our annual Transition Evening for parents. The children attended too, but they had the opportunity to spend time with a Senior School teacher and were able to ask all manner of questions away from Mums and Dads and other teachers. After a brief introduction from Mr Wilson, Mr Williams explained details of the Year 7 curriculum, how our school days runs and highlighted aspects of our extensive extra-curricular activities programme and portfolio of school trips.  Ms Friar then delivered a clear and informative presentation of the transition process, offered advice on how best to prepare for the Senior School and how best for the students to manage their time. There were many valuable questions asked and we are grateful for the time taken by all parents, children and volunteer staff in making the evening run so smoothly.