Jul 032014
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Hanna Selim, 10E reports “ I had a really productive time during the Year 10 and 12 Medics Trip to the Royal Bahrain Hospital on Tuesday 17 June 2014. Our helpful guides showed us some of the scientific procedures such as the CT scan, X-ray, and ultrasound machines. We visited the room that gave out pure oxygen for patients who needed to relieve some of the symptoms and side effects due to illness. Visiting the baby incubator was my favourite moment because we had the chance to see many newborns who looked so adorable! We also visited the CT scan, basically a specialised X-ray test. It can give good pictures of soft tissues of the body which do not show on ordinary X-ray pictures. The doctor there informed us about how to operate it and we were lucky enough to see the 3D images of vital organs, including the heart, lungs and the kidneys. It looked quite complicated to function but the results and images produced were very high quality! Near the end of our tour, we met Dr Dean, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon, and he gave us a lecture of his experience working as a doctor and some of his best and difficult moments throughout his early years. What I found most interesting was what makes an attractive face and how many different patients seem to have a different perception of ‘beauty’. At the end of the discussion we asked Dr Dean multiple questions about why he chose to become a doctor. Overall, I really enjoyed the trip to the Royal Bahrain Hospital and definitely learned a lot about the function of the hospital and the lifestyle of a doctor.