Jul 032014
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On 15 June, Year 7 students enjoyed a presentation relating to the plight of abandoned and unloved street animals in Bahrain by Dee Tyler, a volunteer and poet, who helps to raise awareness about the work of Tony Waters and his animal sanctuary in schools on the Island. The Year 7 ‘One Man and his Dog Bake Off’ raised enough money for a large donation to Tony.  Form Tutor, Miss Lewin and 7E presented the cheque as they were the ‘Bake Off’ winners, making a tremendous total of BD130 in one day, through the selling of their delicious cakes. A total of BD618 has been paid directly to Tony’s Veterinary fund in Hamala Animal Care Centre. We are grateful to Tony for educating us and allowing us the opportunity to visit his shelter and make a difference alongside him.  It is always a challenging time for Tony when the hot summer holidays come along. If you think you can help with a donation or some animal feed, please contact Tony on 39629889. Have a fantastic summer vacation, and a very big thank you from myself Ms McKay, all the various Heads of Year and the Community Service Student Leadership Team for your contributions throughout this academic year. We could not make a difference without your amazing generosity.