Jul 032014
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Lara Abdulrahman, Year 7, reports “We were studying earthquakes and volcanoes and, to finish our topic off, Mrs Stewart asked the class, 7E, if they would like to make their own model volcanoes. We were told to bring in clay, newspaper, and card, anything we needed to build our very own volcano. We chose our groups and started to plan what we were going to bring in. On the next day, we started to shape our volcanoes using empty water bottles as the magma chamber and vent and we painted the background. Students used clay and newspaper with glue, to build and shape their volcano. When they were dry, Mrs Stewart said we could let the volcanoes erupt using vinegar and baking soda. We went outside to do this experiment. Some groups used coke and baking soda. It worked very well but a lot of baking soda was needed! Some groups added red food colouring in to the vinegar so it would resemble lava. Here are some photos of our volcanoes.