Jul 032014
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St Christopher’s Senior School recently entered 42 Year 9 students for the World Class tests. These are an international initiative designed to identify and assess gifted and talented students around the world devised by the British government Department for Education. Our students achieved 13 passes , 9 Merits and Stuti Roy received a distinction.




Stuti Roy Distinction
Talal Bukhammas Merit
Hasan Dailami Merit
Mitali Doshi Merit
Matthew Holman Merit
Ahmed Khan Merit
Yaseen Le Falher Merit
Hassan Nahle Merit
Suha Sagheer Merit
Rohan Sharma Merit
Raiya Thomure Merit
Yousif Abu-Hamad Pass
Sami Al Alawi Pass
Salman Alsairafi Pass
Ghada Alshehabi Pass
Ricardo Del Rio Pass
Mohammad Fazli Pass
Rana Gayatri Pass
Nada Hammad Pass
Noor Hammad Pass
Merna Hasan Pass
Shane McCarthy Pass
Jahnavi Sreevatsan Pass
Nazar Yousef Pass
Zeinah Abbady Participated
Danielle Abi-Farrage Participated
Fatima Al Shaikh Participated
Yousif AlKooheji Participated
Aamir Anwar Participated
Eimaan Anwar Participated
Connor Barter Participated
Cecilie Blankholm Participated
Aamir Browne Participated
Arnau Elias Participated
Muntaha Farooz Participated
Noor Luqman Participated
Pireh Moosa Participated
Daniel Rothwell Participated
Lucas Rothwell Participated
Amartya Sarkar Participated
Lameez Siddiqui Participated
Jad Traboulssi Participated

Pictured are the Merit award winners with Mohammad Fazli who recently received his Merit certificate from the follow up round in the UK Maths Challenge.

WC tests

Pictured Left to Right Back Row

Matthew, Rohan, Yaseen, Raiya

Front Row: Mohammad, Talal, Suha, Hassan, Ahmed