Jul 032014
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 The Challenge Match


Our very hectic and exhilarating year of Community and Service came to an end on Monday 30 June with the Staff v Cleaners Volleyball Challenge Match. Everyone was ready – the T-shirts were printed and paid for through Bake Sales by Mrs Hobday’s fantastic 7H. The 7E Cheerleaders were on the sidelines with their pom-poms in hand, helped along by Miss Lewin and Miss Chadwick. The staff team, organized by Mr Lee, was first on court and eager to compete; the cleaning team, with the help of Mrs Subbiani, were at the ready and looking outstanding in red and white. The match commenced with a resounding win by the staff during the first two sets; then a reshuffle to even up the teams and another battle commenced with mixed teams. A fun and enjoyable atmosphere was created by everyone who came to support and watch. The cleaners were delighted with the support given by the ever enthusiastic students calling their names when they hit the ball. We are hoping that in the start of the new term we can provide trainers to the cleaning staff and even up the playing field a little for the next re-match! A huge thank you to the cleaning staff, the teachers who came to watch and play, Mr Subbiani and the PE team, the supporters who bought cakes and came along to cheer and chant for making this lovely end of term event possible.

Ms McKay