Jul 032014
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Accompanied by the St Chris band consisting of students and teachers, the Hills were truly ‘alive’ on June 16 and 17 when the Year 5/6 Production Club put on their show, The Sound of Music. 

The packed audiences on their tiered seating (new this year for the Junior production) were transported back to 1938, to Austria, where the young nun Maria was questioning her life in the abbey. The scene opened to smoke and lights with a Gregorian chant being sung by a large group of nuns.

The story then followed Maria’s journey from the abbey to the Vonn Trapp mansion where she became a governess for 7 children. Beatrice Tinsley played the role of Maria in Act 1 and acted and sung with true ‘confidence’.

Whilst at the mansion the audience heard classic songs such as ‘Do Re Mi’ and ‘Favourite Things’ belted out by the main cast and chorus.

Luke Bennett superbly played ‘Captain George Vonn Trap’ and captivated the audience with his rendition of ‘Edelweiss’.

Aaliyah Al Shahry took over the role of Maria for Act II and shone brightly in her role as the motherly governess.

The show came to an end at the Salzburg festival where the Vonn Trapp family bade ‘Farewell’ to their homeland with a poignant final moment of the whole family being silhouetted against the mountains.

A huge thanks go out to all our generous sponsors of the show, and to all the helpers/volunteers who made this year’s production so special.

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