Jun 252015
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Food, Glorious Food!!!

A great effort was made by children, parents and staff who all got involved baking from scratch a healthy snack as part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, designed to raise awareness about the health implications on relying on convenience food and getting children inspired to start cooking. Children also designed their ‘dream sandwich’ and some made Jamie’s ‘squash it sandwich’ for their school lunch.

We had a fantastic response from children, from Nursery up to Year 6, baking treats at home and bringing in to our own St Chris Food Revolution Day. Children were not only able to buy home baked goods they were also able to visit the Darcha café stand sampling Far East cooking and visit the ‘Smoothie Bar’ organised by Mrs Al Shehabi.

There were some great live cooking demonstration from both the Ritz Carlton chef, Richard Glaze, and Jawad chef, Alexandra. Children were also invited to ‘Taste the Rainbow’ organized by Caroline Oversier and Sheikha Hessa, with the produce kindly provided by Alosra. Alosra were promoting the benefits of locally sourced fruit and vegetables.


The children loved planting seeds to grow at home, generously provided by Jassim Trading Company on Budiaya Highway. Rocio Schapper representing the Bahrain International Gourmet Club arranged for Chef, Joan Gomez, from Vinoteca Barcelona and the artist chef of the Royal Thai Restaurant at the Gulf Hotel to produce some amazing fruit and vegetable carved works of art. There was beautiful balloon display provided by Party Mania, representing all the different fruit and vegetable colours.

It was a great to have so many children cooking at home as well as a enjoying the day, where we also raised BD 619 for the United World School and to reward the school cleaning staff with a day out. The Kindness Club helped with the tidying up and arranged for any of the leftover food to be sent to the food donation fridges. A big thank you again to all the children, parents and organisations that took part and the amazing support of the parent helpers on the day.