Jun 252015
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Y5 Wahooo1

On Sunday 7 June, Year 5 embarked on their Fun Day to the Wahoo! Water Park. This had been an eagerly awaited event and the excitement – among pupils and staff – was tangible. Although many of the children are obviously old friends with Wahoo! there is something special about taking the plunge with your friends. All one hundred and fifty of them.


For many, the morning began with a gentle bathe in the Wavepool – something that made us all look forward to the approaching summer holiday, I am sure. It was wonderful to see a number of St Chris staff similarly immersed, where they could supervise and interact with the children whilst enjoying a refreshing dip at the same time. A sedate journey around Lazy River was also just what the doctor ordered. Of course, we were not allowed to keep to this meandering, relaxed pace as, before long, many of us were lured by the call of the Master Blaster. This devilishly long flume excited and delighted in equal measure. This was followed by the Sidewinder – another ride not for the faint-hearted. Once the doors were opened and we had free reign across the facility, the cool breeze made for a perfect day out.

The children of St Chris behaved impeccably and a fine old time was had by all. Wahooo!