Jun 252015
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A Successful Endeavour

On Friday 15 May, fourteen Year Seven students along with Mrs McKay, Miss Miller, Mr Keeble and Miss Friar and two Year 13 IB Diploma students Alienor Mariot and Sahar Boujakli, visited a Labour Camp with the Migrant Workers Protection Society to distribute rucksacks to say thank you to the workers for all that they do.


These rucksacks contained essential items donated by all students from Years 7-13 and were packed by Year 7 in an Enrichment session earlier this term. The team spent approximately an hour distributing the rucksacks at the first location, before boarding the bus and visiting a range of locations on the way back to school giving out the remaining rucksacks. The students worked very hard to coordinate the project and it was an enjoyable and successful day.