Jun 252015
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Enthusiastic and rearing to Go!

Year 5 entered their swimming gala in great spirits. They cheered for their teams and encouraged each swimmer with great enthusiasm. After some nail bitingly close races, it was Falcon that came out on top with Kestrel a very narrow second. With not too many points in it, Osprey finished third and Merlin, fourth. Well done to all swimmers! It was a splendid way to spend an afternoon!

Y5 Swim

With this, their last Junior Inter-House swimming Gala, Year 6 really made a splash! Everyone showed great determination in scoring as many points as possible for their Houses. The cheering was truly deafening in their enthusiasm for raising the cup! As it was, Falcon finished victorious, Merlin came second, with Kestrel third and Osprey, fourth. Well done all swimmers, we hope you keep up!