Jun 252015
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Good Luck to Year 6 in Year 7

Limos, music and posh frocks…No, it wasn’t the Oscars but the Year 6 End of Year Celebration Dinner and Dance at the Dilmun Club.

In order to celebrate the end of Year 6 and their time at the Junior School, the Year 6 children were all invited to the Dilmun for an evening of fine food and dancing!

Y6 Dance

As always, one of the highlights was the different modes of transport which the children arrived in – limos, sports cars, helicopter…OK, I made the helicopter up but maybe next year?

Their outfits were also a highlight – they wouldn’t have looked out of place at Cannes or Hollywood!

The children danced from the moment they entered the venue to the moment it finished and it was a fantastic evening. It reminded us all of what great friendships have been forged over their time at our school and how sad we all will be to say goodbye. “Sensational – I will really miss the Junior School” was how one of the children put it.

Well, we all miss all of the Year 6 children too but what a great night to remember them by.