Jun 252015
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Stars in the Making

The Key Stage 3 Drama Club started in January 2015 to fulfil the interest and enthusiasm for Years 7, 8 and 9 in all things dramatic. They are a dedicated and creative bunch and the Club has been designed and developed to suit their personal interests. They love improvisation and creating original work for performance, they like to experiment with different styles and genres but most of all, they love to perform.  We started with script work and looked at Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’.  The students handled the challenges of the text and delivered the dialogue with confidence, they also enjoyed devising some original scenes for the Montagues and Capulets first meeting using rap and chants to build the atmosphere before staging a choreographed fight scene.


We then focused on improvisation skills and using different stimuli to develop ideas. It was clear through the performances of the spontaneous and planned improvisations that the group have a real flair for comedy.  Finally, we studied Trestle Masks and the skills and techniques involved in mask work. The students created their own scenes before being directed in a whole group piece using the music of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ as inspiration. The Key Stage 3 Drama Club has been great fun and I hope that the success of this year will continue into the next. Thanks for your commitment, dedication, hard work and the laughs.