Jun 252015
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St Christopher’s School hosts first IAPS Middle East meeting at the Saar Campus on 2 June

IAPS 1Ed Goodwin: “As Principal of St Christopher’s School and Chairman of BSME, it was a great pleasure to welcome to Bahrain, David Hanson, CEO of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) and Heads of IAPS schools from several Middle East countries.

IAPS is a body that represents over 600 of the very best independent schools in the United Kingdom and overseas. Typically these schools are concerned primarily with the education of those aged between about 3 and 13 years, but several encompass education up to GCSE level. IAPS is investigating the formation of an IAPS District for the Middle East.

St Christopher’s is a member of IAPS and is interested in being involved in the development of the organisation’s activities. BSME is exploring the possible synergy between itself and IAPS. The Heads present, together with David Hanson, spent a day discussing steps towards meeting the needs of schools in this region as well as possible areas of cooperation between IAPS and BSME.”

David Hanson, Chief Executive of IAPS, was in attendance, as well as leading members of other schools around the Middle East:

David Hanson IAPS, UK
Ed Goodwin St Christopher’s School, Bahrain
Kieron Peacock The English School, Kuwait
Alistair Bond Foremarke School, Dubai
Andrew Yeoman Doha English Speaking School, Doha
Christine Walker Doha College, Doha
Kenneth Page British Embassy School, Ankara
Vanessa Robitaille Brighton College, Abu Dhabi
Richard Williams Sherborne, Qatar
Ian Fellows St Christopher’s School, Bahrain
Wendy Bataineh St Christopher’s School, Bahrain

Founded in 1892, IAPS, the “Independent Association of Prep Schools”, has come to include members from over 600 leading independent prep schools in the UK and worldwide – https://www.iaps.org.uk/