Mar 192019
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Written by Ms Lambert

Four of our fabulous Netball teams participated in a tournament at the Rugby Club on Monday 18th February. They went by their chosen names of St Chris Miraculous, St Chris Lightning, St Chris Black Widows and St Chris Golden Snitches! Each team gave it their all and fought hard in every match. Kianna, Sophie, Amelia, Nicole, Emily, Aniqah, Sheherazad, Habiba and Jessica were all nominated player of their team. Sophie was awarded a medal for receiving the most nominations over the tournament. The final results saw St Chris Lightning finishing in third place and St Chris Miraculous finishing as this year’s PSL Champions.

The teams were made up of the following players:

St Chris Miraculous: Soraya, Noorie, Sariya, Amelia, Lotta, Esther, Amara, Rachael, Jessica.

St Chris Lightning: Holly, Ilona, Jackie, Ellie, Emily, Aisling, Katy, Kianna.

St Chris Black Widows: Anvita, Habiba, Aniqah, Belize, Ameera, Saoirse-Joy, Nicole, Yara.

St Chris Golden Snitches: Allegra, Shehrezad, Carmel, Mishael, Elyana, Sophie, Salma, Jude.

Well done everyone!


“Netball poetry in motion” Julie Jardine