Jul 032019
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Written by Mr Doherty

The Year 9 STEM challenge day took place on Sunday the 16th of June in the Sports Hall at Isa Town. This was the second STEM based challenge day at the School and the day was a fantastic success. The students were arranged into groups (6-8) and were tasked with designing and manufacturing a model roller coaster, which would allow a marble to run from the beginning of it to the end. There were several criteria the students had to meet one of which was to try and make the marble run last as long as possible. The students had to use their knowledge of key topics which they have covered in Maths and Science lessons this year, in order see if their ideas would work. The students were busy preparing for the challenge well before the day itself, as they had spent two enrichment sessions working on their ideas, discussing upcycled materials to bring in to help assist the manufacture of their roller coaster as well as getting to grips with challenging technical content such as: trigonometry; gravitational potential energy and maximum kinetic energy to name but a few. The students really excelled and worked extremely well in their teams. They produced roller coasters which were aesthetically pleasing and functioned in an efficient manner. Overall a fantastic day, well done Year 9!