Oct 022018
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On the week beginning 16 September, pupils from Year 3 to Year 13 were invited to attend swim trials to become a member of our Sharks swim team.

During the trial the swimmers were asked to participate in an extended swim to test their stamina, followed by sets of 50m lengths, displaying good technique in three out of the four strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke  and butterfly.

Congratulations to:

Claudia 3A

Georgia 3F

Skye 3C

Charlotte 3C

Sophia 3A

Lukas 3E

Sami 4C

Zara 4C

Sophia 4A

Zoya 4D

Bobby 5D

Behesht 4A

Lucie 4D

Lorna 6D

Hamza 5C

Lexi 4F

Wenbo 6B

Pietta 5C


Reeyaa 7E

Jack 7B

Sophia 7A

Michaela 9D

Raj 8D

Nathan 7E

Aayan 8F

Vibha 12F

Lara 8D


Rebecca Lodwig