Mar 272019
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Written by Mr O’Dowd

On Wednesday 20 March 2019, The Birmingham Stage Company presented the highly popular ‘Barmy Britain’ show at the Cultural Hall in Manama, as part of the ‘Horrible Histories’ Live on Stage Tour. Year 8 History students from St Christopher’s Senior School were in attendance for this event, which allowed students to engage with topics from the Year 8 curriculum such as Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I and James I in a highly amusing and comical fashion. The Year 8 students thoroughly enjoyed watching Elizabeth I discuss her use of sugar to keep her breath fresh, James I discuss his obsession with witches and also the devastation caused by the Great Fire of London. There were numerous opportunities for audience participation and to sing some historically themed songs, too. Given that our Year 8 students have been focusing on the reigns of the Tudors and the Stuarts in the classroom this year, this was an excellent and valuable learning experience for our students. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all and there was lots of fun learning to take away from the show.