Mar 272019
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Written by Mr Peswani

This year’s World Down Syndrome Day focused on the theme of “Rock your Socks”. Earlier in the day, Year 12 and 13 students were presented with a special assembly on Down Syndrome by Nicholas Scerri (Year 12) and his brother Andrew. A number of students form the Children’s Academy in Riffa were also present during the assembly.

Students and teachers were encouraged to wear colourful, unique and interesting socks on the day and to take part in challenges based on the number 21, during lunchtime. Such events included, a 21 person egg and spoon relay, 21 chess games and 21 minutes of ‘Just Dance’, to name but a few. The atmosphere was excellent and brought about positive conversations to help towards spreading further awareness of the condition.

“A truly great event last Thursday. Thank you for bringing so much awareness to St Christopher’s”.