May 222019
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Written by Mr Dales

IKNS visited St. Christopher’s Junior School for what could be the final football fixture of the season. Two teams, St. Chris Argyle and St. Chris City, were selected to oppose the two teams from IKNS. In a pleasantly positive atmosphere, both St. Chris teams established the way they wanted to play, bringing the ball down onto the floor and putting together some incisive and unselfish passing moves to take control. Despite some rugged and sustained defending, IKNS found it difficult to protect their goals and succumbed to a barrage of goals. Following the conclusion of the day’s matches, every footballer in either football Squad or Football Development have now represented St. Christopher’s. Well played to all the children who took part in this friendly and thank you to the staff who provided this and all the other footballing opportunities over the course of the season.

St. Chris Argyle: Rashid Al Khalifa, Yazan Al Mahoozi, Javan Leamy, Jacob Royle, Jonah Ingham, Callum Lynn, Saud Akhtar, Laith Akhtar, Danny Gosling, Faisal Maseeh.

St. Chris City: Yusuf Bouchelkia, Travis Blyth, Finn Gosling, Oscar Boyle, Daniel Al Koheji,

Jean-Paul Santiago, William Zhou, Bobby Looby, Will Murphy, Oliver Plunkett, Quinn Smith, Zayd Khan.